This past Friday, we had a storm develop over Lake Michigan.  We were prepared for rain and wind, but it still managed to catch us off guard.  Zach had already stopped by on his way home from work to pick up a coupon to go get pizza from Little Caesar’s.  (I was hoping for a pizza and movie night with the kids.)  I thought the rain had at least 20 minutes before it was going to start.  I was very wrong.  Zach was gone for a few minutes, and I pulled up the radar on my WeatherCast app.  It said the rain was supposed to start in 2 minutes.  About that time, the wind started whipping the trees around, and the rain started pounding.  It was bad.  It reminded me of tropical storm weather.  I was concerned because I knew Zach was out in it even if he was just across the street.  The electricity flickered a few times and then went out.  Zach got home shortly after the power went out so at least we had a hot meal for dinner.DINNER BY CAMPLIGHT

Zach said there were extremely strong straight line winds.  He said the wind was so bad that it lifted the car off the ground when he was on his way back across the street from Little Caesars.  I am still so thankful that he got back to our apartment safe!

We live about 2 minutes away from Target.  After the storm had passed, I went to go get a few grocery items and see the damage.  There were a lot of trees and branches down.  Lowe’s employees were cleaning up a work shed that had wrapped around a tree.  Target never lost power, so they were up and running which was good.  That also meant McDonald’s had power, and Zach was able to get his coffee fix Saturday morning.  I might have also enjoyed a large coke.  Not that I ever enjoy a large coke from McDonald’s.  ;-)GO FISH

The good thing about living in Michigan is that it wasn’t hot after the storm.  That is a big change from New Orleans.  If we were without power in NOLA in September,  we would have to try to find a cooler place to stay or die of a heat stroke.  We were able to open the windows, crank up our battery-operated fans, and enjoy the quiet.  Living most of my life in hurricane country, we always have batteries and battery-operated fans and camping lanterns on hand.  I can honestly say that I didn’t expect for us to get to use them from a summer storm in Michigan!

James has a birthday coming up and instead of a big present from us he chose to have a family trip.  He chose camping which works out well because we have a great state park close to Kalamazoo.  Since we didn’t have electricity Saturday, we decided to drive over to Fort Custer State Park and pick out a camping site before we made a reservation.  If I’m going camping, I want to be close to the showers and I know the boys want to be close to the playground.  The best part (and I mean that facetiously)  is that there is a cold front coming through this weekend.  It will be a high of 62 and a low of 45, but we’re going camping!  Good thing there is a fire pit! FAMILY FUN FEST

We also had the opportunity to go to a local homeschool group’s fall kick off event on Saturday.  The boys had fun playing the games, getting prizes, being around other children, and getting to knock each other down.

The best part of the entire weekend was when we got home from the homeschool party.  Our electricity was back on!  We certainly could have gone longer without it, but we would have lost even more food from the refrigerator.  I was even more thankful that my stinky boys could take a hot shower!  ;-)  It was definitely an interesting weekend and ended up even giving us a little practice for our upcoming camping trip.