SNOW!!  So much snow!  We have certainly gotten our first real dose of the white stuff.  First snow arrived on Halloween.  It was fun getting to watch it snow and cover the ground.  That snow melted within about 30 minutes, but it was so pretty for those 30 minutes.  Now, we’ve gotten more snow than we know what to do with!

Within the past week, we’ve gotten at least 11 inches of snow.  We had a few inches last week, and some of that was still on the ground with our latest dumping.  I was okay after our first few inches.  The roads were pretty clear, and I didn’t have any problems driving.  (Remember one of my worst fears is not being able to drive in the snow?  By the way, this is a new-found fear that I never knew existed until we moved here.)IMG_5744

Well, Monday night we were under a winter storm warning.  I might be from the south, but I know that a storm “warning” means that it is happening unlike a storm “watch”.  James had his dress rehearsal for his Aristocats performance.  I’m not going to lie, I was hoping ALL DAY that they would cancel it or reschedule it for Friday.  We only had a few inches when we left for his rehearsal, and the roads weren’t too bad.  The roads got a little worse closer to the east side of town, but I was still feeling pretty secure in my driving abilities.

The weather forecasters had said that weather conditions would get worse as the day went on.  As we approached the auditorium, my gas light came on.  It was going to be even colder, more snowy, & darker when we got out of rehearsal, so I decided to go ahead and stop for gas.  I was almost done with filling up the car when the wind started to blow, and the snow started coming down.  Hard.  Getting from the gas station back to the auditorium was my first experience driving in white out conditions.  I’ve driven in blinding rain, but at least you can still see the road when it’s raining.  This was like looking at all white.  Everywhere.  Including the road. The wind was blowing the snow over the road which only made it worse.  We made it to the auditorium, but I was already dreading the trip home.IMG_5835

(This is also the day that our SUV decided to only run in 3rd gear.  You can imagine how much fun Zach had getting home from the university driving in the snow in only 3rd gear.)

The trip home from practice was interesting.  God and I talked a lot on the way home.  I slid twice and without really even touching the brakes.  I had my babies in the car and just wanted to get home.  I was so scared and tense.  I ended up being the annoying driver going ridiculously slow all the way home.  I wasn’t the only person going super slow, but I was definitely one of the slowest.  But I really didn’t care.  I didn’t want to be the person that ended up in the ditch.IMG_5829

I obviously made it home.  Home has never looked so good.  I will go out and drive in the snow again, but I don’t see a lot of night-time, white-out conditions driving in my future.

Here’s the funny thing.  I had a horrible driving experience and yet I still love it here.  The snow is so pretty, and we’ve had so much fun playing in it.  IMG_5797There will be a lot of snowmen, snow forts, snowball fights, and sledding in our winter fun.  Fall was breathtaking and it seems like winter will be too.

(I threw in some pics of the fun we had today.  It’s like living in a winter wonderland!)