I really meant to write something sooner, but we’ve been busy. After having my moving breakdown, I decided that we needed to have some fun so I focused on that this week. Then, I got sick and everything got behind.

You may be asking, “What’s a moving breakdown?” My seminary friends will understand this well because I think most of us had one after moving on campus. A moving breakdown is when you are so mentally and physically exhausted that you start wondering why in the world you thought it would be a good idea to move and start asking questions such as “What have we gotten ourselves into?” It doesn’t matter how many times we’ve moved, I always seem to have one. The boxes start closing in on me, I start missing my friends, and it just happens.

BOXESThis one was triggered by frustration of a new apartment and trying to get everything organized in a different space. I thought I was okay until I went to get something out of our suitcase and saw my Saints shirt. Then, I lost it again. My moving breakdown is over after a lot of support from my sweet hubby, an attentive best friend, and two sweet boys who love to give me a lot of hugs and kisses. I know we’re where God wants us to be so that helps too.

Seems like last time I mentioned that we’ve used a lot of essential oils since we moved. Some of you are not surprised by this news. ;-) I do love my essential oils. We knew when we moved that the previous tenant had been a smoker. The manager ripped out carpet and even had the vents professionally cleaned for us. She did everything she could, but the apartment still had some bad smells when we moved in. For most people, this isn’t necessarily a big deal, but I am extremely allergic to cigarettes and even the remaining smell can bring on allergy and asthma problems.

The general smell of the kitchen was not pleasant. The smoke smell was still hanging around. The master bathroom had a DIFFUSERstrong smoke smell too. So, I wiped down every flat surface I could and set up our diffusers. I started running lemon eo (essential oil) and wild orange eo constantly.  We even set the diffusers inside the cabinets.

I also ran my Scentsy warmers almost non-stop. The diffusers were helping but the smell was bad enough that we needed backup.

I was inspecting our washer and dryer (and missing my big washer & dryer we had to leave behind) when I opened the dryer. It was like a wall of cigarette smell slapped me in the face. I was VERY upset. When we mentioned this to the manager, she wanted to replace the vent tubing and for us to clean it before having to replace the entire thing. So, maintenance took care of cleaning the vent, and I started researching how to get the cigarette smell out of a dryer.

I soaked 2 towels in vinegar and water. After ringing them out, I threw them in the dryer and started drying them. When they weren’t quite as wet, I used lemon eo and lavender eo.  I used 10 drops of each. Twice. By the time the towels were dry, which took 3 cycles, the smell was gone! I was pleasantly surprised, because even though I have seen essential oils work, I was still doubtful I could get the smell out. Yes, it was that bad.

Hopefully, all of this made sense.CLASHOFCLANS I’ve had a cute 6 year old talking to me almost the entire time. He loves to tell me all about Clash of Clans. Don’t know what that is? Consider yourself lucky. ;-) He did also tell me how much he enjoyed our zoo trip this past week.

Next blog post, I’ll have to tell about our zoo trip and some of the other fun things we’ve found to do around Kalamazoo.  :-)






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