I know, I know, I know.  I’ve been slacking on writing a new post!  In my defense, we have been busy lately.  It seems like we are always busy these days.  I feel like I have to fit in a lot of activities before the winter weather arrives.  Mainly because I am terrified to drive in the snow.  Give me tropical storm force winds, no problem.  Just thinking about driving on snow and ice makes me nervous.  SARRETT NATURE CENTERI’ll make sure I throw in plenty of pictures of my cute kids and fall leaves.  Maybe you’ll forget it’s been a month since I updated everyone.  ;-)

On top of being nervous about the snow, we have to do winter prep.  For all of my Gulf Coast friends, winter prep is kind of like hurricane prep but it’s not optional.  We have “supplies” in the south, but we don’t get ready unless there is a storm heading our way.  Snowy weather prep is different because we’re not getting ready for if the snow happens, we’re getting ready for when the snow happens.  (On the bright side, the boys are ridiculously excited about the snowy weather.)

Anyway, canned food, bottled water,LEAF PILE and plenty of batteries should sound familiar.  It’s a small heater that doesn’t use electricity and ice scraper that are the unfamiliar items on our list.  We also need heavy coats and snow boots.  I am so thankful that Zach’s sister moved to Texas and was able to pass on some snow pants/overalls and boots for the boys.  It’s quite expensive with all the prep we have to do especially on a grad student budget.  We’ve spent a lot of time this week looking for good deals on heavy jackets.  I can officially say that we all have jackets even if the car isn’t ready for winter yet.  Car is next.  I’ve just been waiting for the FedEx insurance company to fix it first.

For those that didn’t see my facebook status that day, a training FedEx driver hit my car while he was attempting to turnTHANKS FEDEX around outside of our apartment.  I am thankful that they buzzed our door to tell us what happened and didn’t just drive off.  BUT, it’s been two weeks and the insurance company was having to make a decision if it was a trucking or non-trucking accident.  They finally made a decision, and now we get to start over with the other insurance company.  It’s been such a headache.  Anyway, if we can hurry up and get the bumper and trunk fixed, we can finish getting the car ready for the cold weather.

All of the boys are doing really well.  Zach is enjoying his grad assistant job and his classes even if he does find them challenging.  3 OF USI love watching him be so happy doing something that he knows God has called him to do.  James is enjoying his basketball clinic, and Jonathan is enjoying learning how to play flag football.  I am happy that I changed my mind about joining a homeschool co-op.  We are enjoying getting to build relationships with other families.  I am also happy that I found a co-op that meets a half mile from our apartment.  It makes me a little less nervous to get there once the snow gets here.

While we are waiting for the snowy weather to arrive, we love the beautiful fall colors.  The trees behind our building have finally begun to change.  4D713D12-C6A4-46BF-98C4-DEDAB586D219I am looking forward to pretty colors right outside my window.  Two weeks ago, we drove to Chicago for the day to go visit some of our friends from New Orleans and the drive over was gorgeous!
Spending the day in Chicago was a lot of fun!  We ate at a restaurant called Whisk.  If you get to visit Chicago, I strongly suggest you visit Whisk.  It was THE BEST food we’ve had since we left NOLA.  That’s right.  It was as good as the food in NOLA.  Besides the food, we enjoyed getting to hang out with some dear friends.  CHICAGOGetting to catch up in person and see the boys play together all afternoon was more than worth it.  (And might have triggered some homesickness for me.)  I’ve missed tall buildings, good local eateries, and the busyness of the city.  I also have missed all of our sweet friends and getting to hang out on the playground.

Even though we miss New Orleans, we are enjoying Michigan and all it has to offer.  Only southerners would be excited about ice on our windshield in October!  Getting the opportunity to live in such a gorgeous state definitely helps ease the homesick pains.

Until next time.  (And I promise to try and update faster next time!)