We are officially in Michigan! There are days that it doesn’t feel like it’s real. Then I need to run to Target for something and I can get there in less than 5 minutes and there’s no traffic. I’m definitely not in NOLA anymore!

The boxes are slowly getting unpacked. My sweet hubby helped unpack some of our kitchen last night when moving fatigue finally caught up to me. Then I woke up with a slightly inflamed throat this morning. The hubby decided that I should probably rest and start fresh tomorrow. It wasn’t a bad idea and I’m so thankful for him being the voice of reason when I get run down. I normally get sick about a week after we move from exhaustion. I’m hoping that resting today takes care of it.

TalkingOnPhoneIt’s been a little lonely but technology has certainly helped that. Thanks to social media and our phones, we’ve been talking to our friends and family. (Including the boys!) My closest friend had lived off seminary campus for about a year and a half before we moved, so we were already used to texting and using Facebook. The hard part is knowing that it’s more than a 2 hour drive to see her.

I’m going back to resting now. I need to work on a post about how I used essential oils to get the cigarette smell out of the dryer in our new apartment. Hopefully, I can get that up soon!